We provide you with a reliable ironing service that enables you to enjoy your precious spare time rather than watch it piling up in the corner!

We can collect and we can iron in your home or at our own premises.

We tailor a service to meet your needs & your fully insured clothes are handled with care. Ironing is carried out in a clean, smoke free environment. All garments are hand finished to a very high standard & returned to you. Collection and Delivery are free!

Washing Clothes

We will collect all your soiled clothes from the rooms, or wherever you keep them Sort the clothes into piles. being careful to check what kind of fabric is it (as in sheets, towels, bathrobes, napkins and rags) and what color.

Whites will go with only whites (or very light colors if the item has been washed many times), all the reds, pinks, and oranges sorted in a separate pile other colors together, possibly into a lighter (e.g. grays, yellows, light blues) and a darker pile (blacks, dark blues, browns, greens, purples).

Our worker will start with the highest priority pile, usually the one with towels; since they take more time to dry.

our staff are trained to understand the knobs/dials on various machines to make sure they are washing the clothes the way 'you' are planning to.


Our fully insured regular cleaning service allows us to provide a comprehensive clean at your convenience. We provide all basic materials and products.

Our staff will help to clean any part of your home, we can be hired on a regular basis or as and when we are required. The same person will be allocated to your home, allowing you peace of mind, as we realise how important it is to have consistency.


Daytoday Meals
Pork chops smothered in mushrooms and onions with a brown gravy,
served with garlic mashed potatoes and whole kernel corn with just the right seasonings, a chef salad with eggs,cheese and chopped ham,bacon bits and croutons with creamy ranch dressing,
followed by a pisotette with butter...and for dessert a nice chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting with butter pecan ice cream, does this sound appetizing?

Whatever your meal requirements, from fish and chips to fully cooked roasts, we can try to accommodate you.

Occasional cooking

Dining with others is one of the most common and frequent social activities. It can involve a family dinner, a meal with friends, or form part of a ceremony or celebration.