Whether it's for a necessary weekly shop, or a look around the stores, we will take you there, stay with you, carry your bags, take you home and unpack for you, we can help you buy whatever you need.

We can drive you to the shops in a car and go around shopping with you reducing the risk of being swindled, scammed, robbed, mugged or loosing something. In the event of an unfortunate accident your regular person is there to help you.

If you prefer we can go to the shops for you and do your shopping from a list or items that you have told your regular person.

Clothes Shopping

Go shopping with someone who can tell you if clothing suits you, express yourself with clothes

Grocery Shopping

Shopping for groceries is a routine activity so why not have someone with you to carry the shopping and make it less stressful, or even do the grocery shop for you.

Attention to detail

We pay great attention to detail. You let us know if there are any particular areas that need special attention

Every home we visit is given the special attention and care that have made our home services the most popular in its area.

Social shopping

To get out of the home and be around others see the changing world and have someone to go with to talk to about purchases and help to get to places where driving is more suitable.

Support shopping

Worried about outside world, muggings, fear of what might happen or has happened and not being able to cope with crowds, etc and get around.

Christmas & event shopping

Ideas for gifts, help with not getting ripped off, help with carrying and bringing home bulky/mass items help with dealing with busy shops.

Timesaver shopping

Grocery shopping, any repetitive mundane shopping.