Emotional Care, Quality of Life

If you’ve been taking care of your own aging parent, or family member, you understand how important the emotional care is to their overall health and happiness which is why Companionship is always kept central and integral to our services.

What is a live in housekeeper/companion?

A fully trained housekeeper and companion who comes to live with you in your home 24 hours per day 7 days a week, for as long as you need them if you are not really comfortable with someone living in your home we do offer the same great choice on a daily/weekly visiting service.

What do they do other than Cleaning, Laundry & Shopping?

Having a friendly, person around the house, not just doing the dishes or tidying up after breakfast, but providing laughter and a sympathetic ear as well, can really work wonders – we know, because we’ve seen it happen in our own homes and in our clients' homes as well.

They will ensure that you are able to live as safely, independently and comfortably as possible in your own home and are there for company and re-assurance when you need it & in the manner you have chosen.

A housekeeper/companion is able to assist with all of the following duties and more,

Medication Reminders & Safety

While our support worker will not be able to administer medications, they can act as an “alarm clock” to ensure medications are taken on time.

Friendly & Supportive Conversation

Reminisce with someone about past life experiences, personal stories or grandchildren, the friendly act of listening.

Assistance With Routine

Our support worker can assist you or your family member with daily routines, providing encouragement.

Plan & Encourage Social Activities

Staying active and maintaining a level of independence is important. Our personal companions are here to make the best of every moment

Staying Active, Being Mobile & Promote Self Independence.

Our support worker can accompany you or your family member on walks, library visits and encourage regular exercise. 

Encourage Active Thinking

Hobbies and games active, engaged and stimulated.

Assistance With Light Gardening

Look after outdoor garden or houseplants.

Organize & Stay Connected

Bills and letters getting on top of you, We can help you stay connected with family over the Internet via emails, photo sharing and social networking.

Alzheimer's & Dementia (Active Memory)

Engage you or your family member in memory activities through reminiscence, puzzles and games.